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Would you like to build a strong muscular physique and lose fat at the same time? Our 55 minute personal training sessions are perfect for you. Every aspect of your health will be covered from programme design, diet planning and mobility work.
Proper planning and guidance is the key to a fast, successful body transformation.
Why waste your time and money on a commercial gym with marginal results . Cut the guess work out and start looking better within weeks.
All of our personal training packages come with a double your money back guarantee for your own peace of mind!


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Every female wants to look better in a dress or bikini. You need to cut out the endless hours of running on the treadmill. Here at Capel fitness we provide women with the knowledge on how to correctly lose fat and tone up. Don't worry about getting bulky or muscular. Our 55 min sessions will make you lose fat, tone up and teach you to move correctly. Our program designs and diet plans ensure you will achieve a strong athletic feminine physique.
All of our programs have a double your money back guarantee for your peace of mind!


Don't have the time for long training sessions? Our 30 minute fast blasting programmes are build with one thing in mind. TO BURN FAT. Combining aerobic and anaerobic training systems, we ensure your burning maximal amount of fat in the shortest time possible.
Small rest periods and strenuous exercises provide an afterburn affect leaving your body in prime condition for burning fat up to 48 hours after your training session ! All of our programmes have a double your money back for your peace of mind!

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Capel Fitness Studio

Capel Fitness is a private training facility located on Capel Street Dublin. Our primary goal is to provide our clients with a professional service and training environment with the results to match it.

Fill in the contact form on the left hand side and one of our team members will contact you to arrange a consultation at a time to suit you!