About Us

About Us


Capel Fitness is a professional personal training studio located on Capel Street, Dublin.
Our goal is to provide the  best results for our clients in the shortest time possible. We cut out the guess work by keeping up to date with scientific journals, research and real-world information to plan out a sustainable no nonsense approach to training and nutrition.

At Capel Fitness, we understand that not everyone has hours upon hours to spend in the gym trying to get in shape.
That's why our team specialize in 30 minute personal training sessions.

 We believe they are the most effective way to melt fat and build muscle.


  • HIIT ( High intensity interval training ) ramps up your metabolism and creates an EPOC effect. This “ excess post exercise oxygen consumption “ melts fat and elevates muscle building hormones.

  • Time efficiency. If time saving is a priority, Fast, intense, metabolic workouts are a lot more effective than dawdling around the gym for an hour or two jumping from one machine to the next.
  • Consistency. Because 30 minutes workouts are short and intense you certainly wont get bored during your workout and when you have recovered from the session you will want to go back for more!
  • Financial incentive. Of course, 30 minute personal training sessions are going to cost less than 1 hour sessions which is a plus on its own but you are also saving precious time to do whatever it is you enjoy away from the gym.

two to three training sessions per week is all it takes to get into the shape of your life!

We have a professional qualified team as well as a fully equipped gym to ensure you achieve your goals and have all the tools available to hit them as quickly as possible.

Please click here to arrange your complimentary 30 minute training session and consultation.

We look forward to working with you!